ÜSTÜN Energy Engineering LLC is an expert on generating wind energy map products. Now, we offer digital roughness maps for the whole Turkey, which were created in collaboration with the commercial software windPRO © developer, EMD International, in the framework of the H2020/Eurostars WindPROSPER project (2016-2018).

You can order a ÜSTÜN Maps subscription through your windPRO company license in the form of an added module.

Roughness and tree height maps were derived from satellite images and local digitized maps through a detailed study encompassing both urban and vegetated areas. Now, you can have the most realistic, up-to-date roughness map of Turkey ready to use in your windPRO application and modules. The tree height database includes the 47 most common tree types of Turkey as well as the non-vegetated areas.

When you subscribe, you will have direct access to the maps through windPRO for all you company licenses. Thus, by purchasing a company-wide license to the ÜSTÜN Maps module, you can get the maximum benefit from our maps, as there is no individual license limitation.

How to subscribe?

  • If you are windPRO user and would like to subscribe, please contact us, we will send you the registration form. We will ask for your company and license details and give you the payment information. Your subscription will be activated within 48 hours after the payment is made. The yearly subscription is €750. The maps are updated every year.
    If you are not a windPRO user and still would like to access ÜSTÜN Maps, please inform us with the wind resource assessment tool of your choice (e.g. WindFarmer, WAsP etc.). We can offer you the subscription with the same price of €750!
  • There is a 30% discount for academic users if the product is used for non-commercial applications.

Sales Contact
Mrs. Sevilcan ER